Cool Travel Stuff!

I love looking at travel accessories…the gear to make our travel easier and more enjoyable! Here are some neat things.

Weather Related Items:

Patagonia Houdini Jacket – We all have one of these and it folds into a tiny pouch
Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket – The girls and I all carry this handy jacket
Fidus Mini Travel Umbrella – We travel with two of these
Emergency Rain Poncho – OK, these aren’t exactly cool but they are great to have in downpours! We each have one.

Getting Around and Packing:

Travelon Packable Backpack -I compared several and settled on this one. I liked the padded straps and the small pouch that it easily stuffs back into. We carry two.
Eagle Creek Pack It Compression Cube Set -There is no way I could travel with just a carry-on without these miracle packing organizers!
GoToob Travel Bottles – These are amazing! They have flown thousands of miles and I have never once had one bottle leak.
Fun Luggage Tags – There are so many great luggage tags out there…why be boring?!
RFID Credit Card Protectors -Safety First! Our credit card information has been stolen 3 times and we tracked down two of the times to airports. Actually, I do use these but we also only use cash in airports now!
Pacsafe RFID Passport Holder -when I’m not using my Travelon Safe ID Family Passport Case that I mentioned in a previous post, I use the Pacsafe holder. It’s small but you can easily get 4 passports in it.


Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones -I would never ever fly without them!
Tumi 4 port USB Travel Adaptor -This baby is about to have the ultimate test in 10 countries. We will see how it does!
RAVPower Portable Charger – You never know when you might need it!


For looking good and smelling good:


FARI Mini Flat Iron and Curling Wand – This is absolutely, completely unnecessary to pack in my small carry-on bag because space is at a premium. But you know what, I’m bringing it anyway because I don’t want to look like crap for my entire trip!
Colgate Wisp – Bad breath is avoidable! Just pack these.
LiteWipes Flushable -Feeling not so fresh?
Scough -This very cool scarf has a pocket and comes with a replaceable filter to keep out the airplane germs. How cool is that?!

What travel goodies do you like?



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