Laurie’s Story

Welcome to my travel journal! aka…a blog

I like to travel sometimes and when I do, I like to plan. Actually, I love to plan! And not just a little, but a lot! You might even say that I’m majorly obsessed with planning. I’m so obsessed that my friends and family like to ask me for travel advice and I’m happy to help!

I love the whole process of planning. I’m at my best staying up until midnight reading travel books, travel websites, travel blogs, travel forums and travel magazines…and reviews…so many awesome revealing and overly-detailed reviews!

We have been to some amazing places in the world! Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece. As well as some beautiful places right here in the US. I think the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are favorites!

Traveling to all of these awesome locations with my family is a dream come true and we are so much closer as a family because of it!

Follow along with us on our adventures!

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