Oahu- nuts!

We did have a great time in Oahu but sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you hoped!

First, there were the sunburns. But, this was not totally unexpected considering that we all came to Hawaii very white!

Next, Helena and I had to visit Kahuku Medical Center on our third day in Hawaii because our lingering coughs weren’t getting any better. We got some antibiotics and inhalers-not fun but the doctor and clinic staff were very nice!

Then, I got a bunch of mosquito bites that didn’t agree with me. They swelled and got huge and red and days later they all bruised. I decided to wear pants for the next few days! I won’t insert a picture here but… Gross!

Lastly, our rental car had a dead battery and possibly some other electrical issues and we ended up getting stuck in Haleiwa.

Some super nice locals tried to jump start our car for us but it didn’t work so we had to take a Lyft from the north shore down to Waikiki!

Luckily, there are worse places to be stranded than Haleiwa town on the North Shore! The girls liked the shave ice at the famous Matsumotos!

Our arrival at The Royal Hawaiian was pretty awesome too. It’s known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific”. It’s one of the first hotels in Waikiki and it’s still as grand as ever!

And!…our flight out to New Zealand got cancelled but one more day in paradise is ok too!

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