Oahu-Diamond Head

Our flight to New Zealand got cancelled due to a late season category 2 cyclone so we had a bonus day in Hawaii.

We decided to climb Diamond Head. Harry and I had climbed it before and we knew the views would be spectacular. It didn’t disappoint!

The trail to the top of Diamond Head was built in 1908 and used by the US Army. It’s a steep 1.6 mile round trip hike-with lots of stairs! Bring water, wear sunscreen and go before it gets really hot!

Diamond Head is known to Hawaiians as Le’Ahi but it later became known as Diamond Head after British Sailors mistook crystals on the beach as diamonds.

We took a taxi to Diamond Head from our hotel. We waited for the Waikiki Trolley afterwards and had an entertaining ride back to Waikiki with our driver, Fuji.

We were dropped off at the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue on Waikiki Beach. The Duke was a native Hawaiian competitive swimmer and was known as “the Father of Modern Surfing”.

We ate lunch at the beachside Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian and were then treated to one last lovely Hawaiian sunset!

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