Singapore- a little like Las Vegas

We enjoyed our 5 days in Singapore. We ate great food, shopped a little, saw really futuristic sights, explored Little India and Chinatown, rode the public transit (SMART), visited Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Supertrees…just to name a few.

Singapore is an island city-state with a tropical climate (great fruit). It also has a diverse population (great food).

Because of the heat, a lot of the action in Singapore happens several stories underground!

We walked through the air conditioned shopping malls to get to the Orchard Street train stop on SMART. (This was the closest stop to our hotel). We also were underground for meals at the awesome food courts. Sometimes it was pretty crowded down there!

In my previous post, I covered Little India and Chinatown so this post is dedicated to the more modern, futuristic and the Vegas like parts of Singapore.

We were a bit in awe over these Solar powered Supertrees, which were covered in ferns and tropical flowers. I’ve never seen anything like them…incredible!

We also enjoyed a cool and refreshing stroll through Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay. Upon entry, we were met with this huge 35 meter high waterfall!

This is where we started feeling a bit like we were in Las Vegas.

We enjoyed the awesome fountain show put on by the imposing Marina Bay Sands Hotel (reminded us of the Bellagio Fountains).

The skyline, with its towering buildings and glittering lights, was very impressive!

We could have done without the crowds leaving the fountain show…That’s a lot of people!

It was a great trip to Singapore! We enjoyed it. Did I mention how awesome and clean the Singapore Airport is? Wow. A great hub to go in and out of!

Of course, we built in down time because you can’t always be in the go!I’m pretty happy here!

Next up…Cambodia!

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