Hoi An-City of lanterns

Hoi An, in Central Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was once a very busy trading port. It is a beautiful city with a visit on your tour of Vietnam!

It’s filled with colorful lanterns, a bustling night market, lovely yellow buildings, tailor shops galore and a very picturesque bridge.

Unfortunately, like many other great places around the world, it’s also inundated with bus loads of day trippers.

Tip-avoid going between 2 or 3pm until around 7:30pm as it seems to be peak time for the crowds.

But, as long as you are prepared for the crowds and work around it, you will love it. It’s very pedestrian friendly too.

It also has an Old Market or Central Market that starts around 4am. We went through one morning as part of our cooking school tour and strolled though the food stalls, meat department, produce and seafood areas. It was bustling and busy! (the meat section was not for those with weak stomachs!)

There is so much to look at in Hoi An and great food to sample!

I loved that people actually bought the “banana clothes” that I saw for sale everywhere and then actually wore matching outfits around town! I was so amused!

By the way, Central Vietnam is also safe and does not have the petty crime that you have to be aware of in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City so get out your camera and snap away in this picturesque town!

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