Greece is the Word! Mykonos


We arrived on our very first Greek Island!  How exciting. Mykonos is the most popular Greek Island in the Aegean. It’s understandable because it really is stunning!

I’ll admit that I was very worried that Mykonos would be full of partying 20 somethings or swarming with cruise ship passengers. So, we only booked 2 nights on the island. But, apparently, this is not something you need to worry about in early June! It was pretty quiet. (But, it is something to take into consideration during the peak of summer tourism in July and August.)

We enjoyed strolling around Chora, or Mykonos Town. The contrast of the blue sea against the white buildings was spectacular. We loved the windmills, the breezes and strolling past the white washed houses and through the narrow lanes. Simply beautiful!

We stayed at the Mykonos Princess Hotel in a 2 bedroom suite with a big balcony. Everything about this hotel was amazing. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The food was outstanding and the rooms had every little amenity you could possibly ask for but the icing on the cake at this hotel was the service!

We have stayed in many 5 star places over the years but wow…this hotel blew us away! Every single staff member was over the top amazing. Omar welcomed us and immediately made us feel at home. Ella tended bar and she was so much fun- like she could be your best friend! Ana took care of us in our room and at the restaurant. Everyone anticipated everything you could possibly need-even before you realized that you needed it! We only stayed 2 nights but I wished we had stayed a week. Totally incredible!

They picked us up from the ferry port and took us back when we left. We got a ride when we wanted to go to town for the afternoon and just gave them a call when we were ready to return. Everything was so effortless. Exactly what you want on vacation!

Delos. In less than an hour’s boat ride from Mykonos you can arrive on Delos. Delos is an uninhabited island (except for seasonal archaeologists) and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. A pretty awesome little pit stop for history buffs.

Next stop, Naxos!

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