Greece is the Word! Naxos


We stopped at Naxos next. This was our second island that we visited in the Cyclades. (well, actually third if you count our day trip to Delos). Naxos is the largest island and the greenest in the Cyclades island chain.

We booked 4 nights at the Nissaki Beach Hotel in Naxos Town. This turned out to be a great hotel for families. We had a 2 bedroom, 1 bath family suite overlooking the pool and the sea. It was right on the beach and a 5 minute walk to the center of town. There was a little market about 2 minutes away so we bought a few things to keep in our room fridge (wine, water, olives and cheese) and enjoyed we some happy hours on our patio.

We loved the hotel breakfast each morning and the yummy baked goods that waited for us each day in our room-a nice touch. I also have to give the bar and kitchen staff serious kudos for making our daughter soup from scratch when she was sick. That was very sweet.

We had a mix up with our transportation when we arrived in Naxos. We ended up walking to the hotel. Turns out to be no big deal because it was an easy 10 minute stroll!

We enjoyed Naxos Town. The people were so friendly (the guy at the mini market gave my husband some of his homemade hooch!). The food was fresh and delicious (still thinking about the honey, yogurt and Naxos potatoes!) The sights were interesting and the town was easy to navigate. We had lovely walks through The Old Market, to the Venetian Castle and the Temple of Apollo.

It was very low-key. We walked everywhere and always felt safe. The beach was not the best beach that we have ever been to but the girls loved splashing in the water and running on the beach so everyone was happy!

Next stop-Santorini!…


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