Greece is the Word! Paros


Our last, but not least, of the Greek islands that we visited during our Greek Adventure  was Paros. Paros was a family friendly island that, like Naxos, did not have the cruise ships stopping here. It seemed more stylish and hip than Naxos and it was quite charming. It exceeded our expectations and if I had to do this trip again, I would spend 4 nights on Paros…2 nights was not enough to explore!

We stayed at the Saint Andrea Seaside Resort on Naoussa Bay and it really was very lovely! We stayed in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom superior suite. The decor was modern and fresh and the grounds were beautifully landscaped. The pool area was stunning! The breakfast selection was great and we ate a lovely dinner at the hotel on one of our nights there. The service was wonderful.

During our time on Paros, we didn’t get a chance to do a lot but we loved what we did see! We took the hotel shuttle into town and explored the Venetian Fortress and enjoyed watching the fish jumping in the crystal clear water.

The town was lovely and the harbor was picturesque.

There was a man washing the octopus against the rocks. I’ve never seen this before.


And there was a man violently beating the crap out of the octopus…repeatedly swinging it over his head and onto the pavement…I was completely fascinated! ( I wish I had a video)


And then we saw them drying out in the hot Greek sun.


I guess this whole process is why those octopus taste so darn delicious!


Antio Sas, Greece! Until we meet again.

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