Laurie Eats Sometimes-Cambodia edition

Did I get your attention with this plate of bugs?

We enjoyed trying silkworms (my favorite), crickets, spiders, scorpions and ants in spring rolls at the Bugs Cafe in Siem Reap.

Of course, there is amazing food in Cambodia…not just bugs 😉

The Khmer food is absolutely delicious! It’s not as spicy as Thai and it uses lots of fresh herbs, sweet and salty flavors, noodles and rice. I absolutely loved it-dare I say even more than Vietnamese and Thai!

One of my favorite dishes, which I ate every morning for breakfast, was num banh chok also known as Khmer noodles. You could choose the type of noodle, add meat and add herbs and seasoning to your liking.

We also loved the Lort Cha-short rice noodles with bean sprouts and topped with a fried egg. It can also be served with a rice cake. This popular street food is seriously delicious! Possibly my favorite dish in any country so far!

I was too busy eating for a picture so photo credit here to

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Spoons while in Siem Reap. This restaurant trains young Cambodians in the hospitality industry. The food quality was terrific as was the service!

We enjoyed delicious and strong cocktails at the fabulous Miss Wong Cocktail Bar in the middle of Siem Reap.

You can also get beer for cheap in Cambodia.

We did 2 tours with a company called Taste Siem Reap. I highly recommend using them for an organized and fun night out which will require no planning on your part.

We liked these Cambodian Roasted Peanuts which are served everywhere with cocktails. They are roasted with some sugar, kaffir lime leaves and dried chilies…so addictive!

We took a walk through the Siem Reap Old Market and mostly browsed. Lots of cool stuff including large carts of snails drying in the sun.

Of course we had to stop and cool off after the Old Market with some iced coffee and ice cream too!

I’m sure you will love Cambodia and the delicious Khmer food as much as we did! It was a wonderful surprise.

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