Laurie Eats Sometimes-Singapore edition

Singapore is full of just about every food you can imagine so perhaps you will find my post a little dull.

My favorite thing was the fruit! As this was the gateway to the SE Asia part of our trip, this was our first exposure to such extensive tropical fruits.

I love tropical fruit and I never get it at home so I was thrilled to eat mango, dragon fruit, Asian pears, papaya, pineapple, persimmon, kiwi and rambutans! And more! Also, the juices were delicious. Fresh juice every morning!

Ok. There is a lot more to Singapore food than fresh fruit and juice…

There are food courts in every underground mall. And, they have everything you can imagine! Pastries, soups, noodles, fish, beef, chicken, juices etc… It is a bit overwhelming!

Harry really loved the fish ball soup. I understand this can be served dry or in a soup. There are many variations and lots of opinions on the best ones to try!

I tried the Hainanese Chicken Rice-it’s considered to be one of the National dishes of Singapore. The chicken is poached and then the rice is cooked with the chicken broth plus ginger and garlic. I thought it was ok but poached chicken just didn’t work for me. However, the rice was absolutely delicious!

Photo credit

In Little India, we had amazing and spicy Indian food at Gandhi Restaurant.

You can wash down the spicy with a cold Tiger Beer.

Another dish that was delicious was the Indonesian Fried Fish.

In Singapore, the food courts are called Hawker Centers with Hawker Stalls. Here is a link to the 5 best Hawker Centers in town. We walked through the one in Chinatown. I found the crowds and smells, combined with the heat, overwhelming but hey, that’s just me because it was super packed!

Another National dish of Singapore is Chili Crab. It’s said to be invented in the late 1950’s early 1960’s (reports vary) and typically uses mud crabs with a tomato and chili sauce.

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You will also find Kaya Toast everywhere. This is a common Singaporean breakfast food. It has a spread of coconut and eggs along with butter and typically accompanied by soft boiled eggs. It’s good!

There are also many great options for a fancy High Tea in Singapore. Eating mini sandwiches and sweets while sipping tea (and perhaps a glass of Prosecco) isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon!

There are so many great foods to try in Singapore and just no way to try them all or cover them here. You will just have to visit and eat your way through Singapore!

Laurie Eats Sometimes-Vietnam Edition coming soon!

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