Dubai-Desert Safari without Dune Bashing

This post is easy to write because it’s basically a glowing recommendation for Platinum Heritage Desert Safari Tours.

We wanted a desert safari experience without the environmentally damaging and potentially whiplash inducing dune bashing.

After extensive research, I decided on this tour and we were not disappointed-in fact, we were thrilled!

This was the Dubai experience that I had dreamed about.

Riding through the desert in vintage Land Rovers around the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve was an experience of a lifetime!

On our way to our “Bedouin style camp”, we saw Arabian Oryx, gazelles and thankfully a dead horned viper and we marveled at the beauty of the desert.

And did I mention how much fun we had?! Our guide, Hosam was awesome and he made our experience even more special.

Once we arrived at the camp, we had an awesome falconry demonstration, listened to an interesting talk about Ramadan (were in Dubai during Ramadan), had henna tattoos, saw a traditional men’s dance with gun replicas, (called a Yowla), rode camels (they are very tall!) laid down and looked up at the full moon and bright stars and enjoyed a delicious meal-called an Iftar.

An Iftar is the meal that you eat during Ramadan. It is the meal that breaks the fast that Muslims have been doing all day. The meal usually begins with eating a date and then turns into full, multi course meal. Mmm!

The entire afternoon and evening were truly amazing. I feel so lucky that we were able to have this experience and it was really special that our trip coincided with Ramadan. Great learning opportunity!

If you have any opportunity to do this, you should not hesitate. It was the highlight of our trip to Dubai. Very magical!

Next up…Abu Dhabi-a day trip to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

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