Amalfi Coast-a Recovery week in Praiano

By the time we arrived at our villa in Praiano, we were exhausted. We were headed towards our seventh country in about 2 months.

We had left Dubai on a 2am flight, changed planes in Zurich, arrived in Rome, took 2 trains to get to Naples and then a 1 1/2 hour drive to Praiano. We were all jet lagged and at least 2 of us were coming down with colds.

Luckily, when we originally planned this trip, we knew we would be tired by this point in our big adventure, so we planned to spend an entire week sunning ourselves and resting at our villa.

It’s essential to build in time to regroup and recover during long periods of travel!

However, I was really hoping to take a day trip to the famous Blue Grotto and explore Capri but the idea of committing to an entire day excursion didn’t appeal to the whole family and, since I had a cold, it didn’t seem so great to me either.

So, we spent our days lounging in the sun, watching the boats come and go, walking up the steep steps to the grocery store, picking lemons, playing cards and chess and having either a lunch or dinner out. It was really relaxing and amazing and our view couldn’t be better!

We thought Praiano was a good choice and we were happy with the location of our villa which was above Marina di Praia.

We ate at 3 places close to our villa but our favorite was Trattoria da Armandino. Delicious food-lemon risotto, anchovies and ravioli were some favorites! And-we felt like part of the family!

We also really enjoyed Il Pirata. Great food, killer view, great service!

One day, we walked to a pizza place. It took us about 30 minutes there and mostly uphill but we were rewarded with awesome views and delicious pizza!

Our big activity of the week was taking a water taxi to Positano. It was super easy and fun!

The water was a bit rough the day we went out so it was even more exciting!

There was definitely more action in Positano than Praiano so if you want more shopping, nightlife and people, you should stay there or perhaps Amalfi. We liked being in Praiano though!

Of course, we sampled the local wine, which is very good and enjoyed an Aperol Spritz or two. Somehow they just taste better in Italy!


Next up…heading down the Amalfi Coast to Salerno. And a day trip to Paestum.

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