Day trip to Paestum from Salerno, Italy

Do you love an ancient civilizations? Are you a history buff? Do you like to imagine what is was like living thousands of years ago? Are you fascinated by architecture? Do you have a desire to be an archeologist?

No?… well, me either but you will certainly enjoy a scenic, wonderful and educational day trip to Paestum!

Getting to Paestum was very easy from Salerno! We just bought tickets at the train station (about 3 euros each) hopped on a train, arrived 30 minutes later at the Paestum Station. From there, it’s a charming and easy 10-15 minute walk down a dirt road to the temples. For 9 euros, you get entrance to the archeological Park and the Museum. What a deal!

Tip-Don’t forget to validate your ticket before you get on the train! Also-get your return ticket at the Salerno station for the trip back. The Paestum station is not manned and has just one ticket machine.

Paestum holds three of the world’s most well preserved Greek Temples. They are magnificent! And the museum is very good too with frescoes and artifacts.

I can’t believe how amazing these temples are and how few people were touring them!

After visiting other sights in Rome, Greece, and Temples of Cambodia, this was such a wonderful treat! We could really take our time, sit in the shade and explore without being jostled around by huge tour groups.

I even got to practice my photography skills a bit with a few artsy shots!

There were several places to eat and to stay within Paestum. It looks like a worthwhile place to consider staying for relaxing poolside while touring the sights!…who knew? Well, there’s always next time!

You can read more about Paestum here if you are interested but I highly recommend incorporating this into your visit to southern Italy.

Next up…three nights in Salerno, Italy

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